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Auto Vehicle Collisions and their Aftermath

Auto Vehicle Collisions and their Aftermath

Huntington is a city bustling with activity. However, this activity comes with risk as it causes people to walk on streets rather more often and with many pedestrians navigating streets it is common for collisions to happen. Auto pedestrian collisions are a nationwide threat and due to increasing cases, its causing anxieties and fear in the people of Huntington.

Cause of Concern

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2013, 28 pedestrians lost their lives in car accidents across the country, with Cabell Country, Huntington is also located there. Perhaps this data is not updated and a few years old, it highlights the severity of the problem.

These numbers are not just figures but they represent the people whose lives were cut short. Pedestrians are usually the victims in such accidents, as vehicle are bigger in size, and it undergoes some damage after accident, but pedestrians are tragically injured or died.

Contributing Factors

There are many factors that contribute to auto-pedestrian accidents. Such as:

  1. Driver Behavior: If the driver is not driving properly and is distracted, drunk, speeding, failing to stop for pedestrians then such accidents can take place.
  2. Pedestrian Behavior: It is not always the driver’s fault, sometimes the pedestrians are also at fault. If they are not walking in the designated area for walking, jaywalking, walking while drunk or not being attentive then this type of accident can also take place.
  3. Infrastructure Issues: Infrastructure problems can also lead to such accidents. If the road is under construction, dim lighting, and not a proper place built for pedestrians then accidents can also happen.
  4. Vehicle Size: Due to the growing popularity of gigantic vehicles can create blind spots for drivers and pedestrians and accidents can happen.

The Human Impact

Due to such dangerous accidents many people lose their lives. The numbers mentioned by the NHTSA are not just figures that is the record of actual people’s lives being cut short. Other than death, pedestrian injuries can leave long-lasting impact on the victims leaving them with physical and mental trauma, disabilities, and financial burdens. Families are left with loss and grief in the case of death. Beyond the immediate impact, these incidents erose a sense of safety in people’s mind and they are left with constant danger of accidents.

Making Roads Safer

This is not just an issue of people walking on the streets, it’s a critical issue and it needs proper attention and a multifaceted approach.

  1. Enhancing Law Enforcement: By increasing the impact of law enforcement and changing few strategies, people can be saved from such horrible accidents.
  2. Improved Infrastructure: By improving infrastructure, making proper roads and designated areas for pedestrians, these types of accidents can be decreased a lot.
  3. Traffic Measures: Implementing traffic calming measures and using traffic management ideas and approach can help in reducing such accidents too.
  4. Public Awareness Campaign: Increasing awareness in public about traffic and pedestrian’s safety through campaigns can lead to safer roads for everyone.

Shared Responsibility

Creating safer roads for the people of Huntington is a shared responsibility by everyone living within. By working together drivers, city officials, pedestrians and law enforcement can create safer environment easily. Implementing the strategies can also work wonders for the city in which walking is not just a necessity, but a safe and enjoyable activity.

Other than this, you should seek legal help the first thing if you are a victim of vehicle-pedestrian accident. Legal maze is labyrinth of complex matters which can’t be dealt with without a professional’s help. An attorney can help you deal with the complex and difficult processes to get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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