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A personal injury can be challenging to navigate. Only professional legal representation can ensure the best possible outcome in New York City matters.

Our New York personal injury lawyer at US Legal Law have successfully represented clients in instances involving catastrophic injuries. We are well-versed in work injuries, construction site accidents, car accidents, slip and fall cases, unsafe property conditions, defective pharmaceuticals or medical equipment, and many more areas. Please contact our law firm if you have any concerns or questions about pursuing compensation for someone else’s negligence.

Why choose US Legal Law?

Our practice focuses on clients’ needs for a high-quality, affordable legal service model. We recognize that value is more than a comparison of hourly rates for clients.

Our team is dedicated to delivering the desired results with each representation. While some firms may only be concerned with the next step in the process, our team is concerned with the result at every stage of litigation. Each case’s strategic method includes emphasis on the client’s desired goal. We established a framework centered on client service. We did this by uniting our culture, structure, and processes around a common aim.

Why Do I Need a NY, Personal Injury Lawyer?

NY personal injury lawyer can challenge the responsible parties and insurance carriers to maximize your compensation. They can also act on your behalf to reach a fair settlement. If the insurance company refuses a reasonable settlement offer, your lawyer can represent you at trial.

The legal system is cumbersome, with a lot of paperwork and deadlines. Any skipped steps can cause your claims to be delayed for weeks. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in NY, ensures that these issues are handled for you, and allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Furthermore, a personal injury lawyer can assist you in meeting critical deadlines.

When Should You Consider a Personal Injury Lawyer in NY?

When you are injured in an accident as a result of negligence or wrongdoing, you should contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in New York. Moreover, a personal injury lawyer can assist you in obtaining compensation for your injuries.

Some personal injury cases do not require the assistance of an lawyer. However, having someone with legal knowledge and experience handling injury claims review your case can be beneficial. An lawyer explains your legal rights and advises whether to hire a personal injury lawyer. There are no two personal injury situations that are alike. However, certain circumstances may require the hiring of a personal injury lawyer.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

We are handling these specialized areas of law listed below. However, we will work with you to obtain the best possible outcome and compensation.

Should I Speak To The Insurance Company Right After An Auto Accident?

Even if an insurance company contacts you after your vehicle accident, it is advised to avoid speaking with them until you have spoken with the best personal injury lawyer in NY. An lawyer knowledgeable about vehicle accident cases in NY, may advise you on how to respond to the insurer’s queries so that you do not provide information that could jeopardize your claim.

You could even delegate all discussions with insurance companies to a lawyer while you focus on your recovery. While it may be tempting to discuss the details of the accident with others, there are some people you should and should not speak with in order to protect your rights.

What Are NY Laws on Fault and Negligence?

The information below summarizes the fundamentals of New York’s fault and negligence rules.

Article 51 of the NY Insurance Law Comparative Negligence Code Section Civ. Prac. L. & R. 1411, et seq.-The claimant can still seek damages from the defendant if they are not deemed entirely to blame for their losses.

Plaintiff’s Recovery Is Limited Due to Contributory Negligence- Tortfeasors’ ContributionYes; Civil Practise L. & R. 1401 et seq.- If two or more tortfeasors are liable for the same personal injury, they may seek contributions from each other, regardless of whether the tortfeasor is a party to the litigation or has received a judgement against them.

Note: State laws are continuously changing; consult a New York City Personal Injury Lawyer or perform your legal study to confirm the state law(s) you are researching.

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How Does Personal Injury Claim Process Work in NY?

Our solicitor will take these steps when you contact us, and we agree to take on your personal injury claim.

  • Determine who was at fault.
  • Examine your injuries
  • Collect evidence
  • Make medical or rehabilitation arrangements.
  • Examine recovery
  • Calculate your compensation.
  • Come to an agreement
  • Payment of compensation
  • Other assistance

We’ll ask you to assist with some steps and complete others ourselves once you’ve given us the green light. You’ll receive regular updates on your claim and have the final say on how we proceed at essential points.

How Often Do Personal Injury Case Go To Trial in NY?

The USA Department of Justice provides information on cases that proceeded to trial. Plaintiffs prevailed in around half of the cases. The outcome varied greatly depending on the type of case.

  • Plaintiffs had a 61% success rate in auto accidents.
  • Plaintiffs had a 50% success rate in intentional tort trials.
  • Plaintiffs had a 38% success rate in product liability trials.
  • Plaintiffs had a 19% success rate in medical malpractice trials.
  • Plaintiffs had a 39% success rate in premises liability trials.
  • In trials, 56 percent of judges ruled in favor of the plaintiff, while 51 percent of jurors favored the plaintiff.

How Much Do Personal Injury LAWYER Charge In NY?

Personal injury lawyer in New York typically practice on a contingency basis. This implies that your personal injury lawyer will be paid once till the case is concluded and there is a monetary recovery. This is true whether you were involved in a vehicle accident or a trip and fall in the New York.

In other words, for an injury lawyer to be compensated, you must walk away from the case with money through a settlement or verdict.

When should you make Contact with Personal Injury LAWYER?

In general, the answer is as quickly as soon as possible. There are several reasons why you should contact an lawyer as quickly as possible after experiencing a personal injury because:

  • A lawyer can obtain evidence promptly.
  • The time you have to file your claim or lawsuit may be severely limited.

What Can A Personal Injury Lawyer In New York Do For You?

When you employ a New York personal injury lawyer, you get skilled representation in court. An experienced lawyer can advise you on obtaining compensation for your injuries. Furthermore, having an lawyer on your side increases your chances of receiving the maximum amount of compensatory damages.

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