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Animal Attacks And Dog Bites

Animal Attacks and Dog BitesIf you are the victim of an animal attack, you are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and even psychological trauma. However, getting that money is rarely as simple as asking for it. If you’ve been attacked by a dog or another vicious animal, you’ll need the assistance of a lawyer. The US Legal Law is here to assist you.

How can a dog bite/animal attack attorney assist you?

The laws governing who is responsible for a pet or even a wild animal differ greatly from one state to the next. Just because a friend or relative has previously been bitten or injured by a dog or other animal does not mean that your case will be the same. A lawyer can assist you in determining who owns the animal in question, identifying others who may also be held responsible, and obtaining the compensation you are entitled to.

What constitutes a case?

The owner of any dog is liable for injuries caused by the dog if the person was lawfully present on the property, including as a guest, or in any public place when the injury occurred, according to New York dog bite law. The owner would not be liable if the victim was trespassing on private property and the animal bit him or her.

When a tenant’s dog attacks, the landlord is only liable in limited circumstances. To recover against the landowner, the victim must demonstrate that the landowner was aware of, or should have been aware of, the tenant’s dog’s vicious tendencies.

What are the benefits of filing a case?

In New York, you are entitled to compensation for your medical bills (past and future), lost wages, as well as compensation for physical and psychological pain and suffering. It can be difficult to establish liability and determine how much compensation you are entitled to. Fortunately, the US Legal Law team has years of experience dealing with these extremely traumatic cases and knows how to handle your claim effectively and get you what you deserve. Give us a call right away if you have been attacked by a vicious dog or other animal.

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