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How Does The Court Determine Fault In Dog Bite Injury?

How Does The Court Determine Fault In Dog Bite Injury?

Stress or unexpected changes in their environment can sometimes trigger dogs. A dog bite injury can occur when a dog acts out. Dog owners can be held accountable for damages if their canines act aggressively and gravely injure someone.

Generally, some bargaining will occur between the dog’s owner and the injured party. However, when dealing with legal and monetary losses, two factors should be considered: the first is an estimate of the actual cost of damages, and the second is who is liable for the dog incident. If you have been the victim of a dog bite injury, contact a personal injury lawyer today to understand your rights.

How Court Consider Fault In Dog Bite Injury?

Depending on the state where the dog bite injury occurred, a judge can either attribute strict liability to the owner of the dog, meaning that regardless of the facts of the situation, the owner is responsible for the actions of the pet, or the court can make some determination about who was more at fault, depending on if the owner of the animal was negligent.

In some states, for example a dog owner will be held legally accountable for any injuries sustained by a person due to their dog’s actions – this includes incidents that occur inside the dog owner’s home—the individual who has a dog bit does not have to prove that the dog owner was negligent.

Yet, in dog bite cases, Washington accepts both negligence and strict liability. Case law has determined that if a dog owner knows the dog has vicious or dangerous tendencies, the owner is strictly liable for any injuries the dog causes; however, if a dog owner or other person does not know of any vicious or dangerous tendencies, the person is only liable if negligent in failing to prevent the harm.

What Should I Know Before Filing A Dog Bite Injuries Claim?

To launch a case following a dog bite injury, you must demonstrate that the injuries you sustained were caused directly by the dog bite. For example, if a dog growled loudly at you, scaring you, and you fell, even if you were harmed, that would not be considered a dog bite case.

After determining the source of the injury, develop a list of all current and future costs associated with the injury to assist in calculating damages. These expenses may include

  • Medical bills
  • Wage loss
  • Permanent scars
  • Rehabilitation
  • Permanent impairment

After you’ve estimated your damages, the following stage is to collect proof from backing up your claim. You may even be required to speak with an insurance provider. Gathering evidence demonstrating the bite and the circumstances surrounding the incident might be persuasive.

  • Photos of the scene and injuries are evidence you should keep.
  • Medical bills or treatment plans;
  • Witness reports and contact information
  • With all the material gathered, you can hire a dog bite injury lawyer and file a lawsuit.

How Do I Choose A Dog Bite Injuries Attorney?

US Legal Law firm’s accident attorneys and skilled team are standing by to answer your queries. So, if you want to discuss your specific case, then you have to contact with one of our skilled Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Long Island, NY as soon as possible.

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