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How to Claim Compensation After a Brooklyn Sidewalk Accident

How to Claim Compensation After a Brooklyn Sidewalk Accident

It can be difficult to navigate the aftermath of a sidewalk accident in Brooklyn, particularly if you have injuries and medical expenses to consider. However, you are not required to complete this work alone. Regaining financial and physical stability can be facilitated by being aware of your legal rights and knowing how to file a claim for compensation.

Establishing Liability:

Finding the person in charge of the sidewalk’s state is the first step in making a compensation claim. Liability in Brooklyn may lie with:

  • The City of New York: For neglecting to keep a sidewalk safe for pedestrians, the city may be held accountable if the accident happened on a public walkway.
  • Property owner: The owner oversees upkeep and repairs for private sidewalks or those that are close to private property.
  • Third-party contractors: Contractors employed to install sidewalks may occasionally be held accountable for mistakes made due to their carelessness.

Constructing Your Argument:

To establish carelessness and obtain compensation, evidence is essential. What you can do is as follows:

Get medical help right away: Using your medical records and doctor’s reports, record your injuries and treatment plan.

Gather proof on the spot: You can support your case with pictures and videos showing the dangerous situation and your injuries.

Obtain witness statements: If someone witnessed the collision, their account would support your allegation.

Submit a police report: This formal record will offer a thorough description of the event and bolster your allegations.

Submit the accident to the city: Within 15 days of the accident, if the city is at fault, submit it to the Department of Transportation.

Making a Claim:

The claim procedure will vary based on who is at fault. Here’s a broad overview:

Claims from the City:

  • A “Notice of Claim” must be submitted within ninety days following the accident. You can mail or do this online.
  • The city will investigate your allegation and assess its own responsibility.
  • Should the city acknowledge liability, you may move forward with suing them to recover damages.

Property Owner Claims:

Speak with the insurance provider and submit a claim on behalf of the property owner.

  • Provide the insurance company any pertinent records and proof.
  • If necessary, work out a settlement or take legal action.

Third-Party Liabilities:

Working with a Lawyer:

Although not required, speaking with a personal injury attorney experienced in handling sidewalk accident claims can be quite helpful. They can:

  • Assist you in navigating the court system
  • Assist you in gathering proof and determining liability
  • Work out a just settlement with the insurance provider.
  • If necessary, represent you in court

Keep in mind that:

  • Time is a crucial factor. To prevent missing deadlines, submit your claim as soon as possible.
    • When you make remarks regarding an accident, be truthful and dependable.
    • Maintain thorough documentation of all the costs associated with your injuries.
    • Never settle for less than what is rightfully yours.

By following these steps and seeking legal guidance if needed, you can increase your chances of successfully claiming compensation after a Brooklyn sidewalk accident. Remember, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and other damages. This process may require time and effort, but it can provide the financial resources you need to recover and move forward.

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