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Points & Penalties of Speeding Ticket in Buffalo, NY

Points & Penalties of Speeding Ticket in Buffalo, NY

If you were pulled over for a traffic violation, you may be concerned about the long- & short-term consequences. Here’s what you should know about the penalties for speeding tickets in New York.

Methods For Determining Speed

A multitude of methods & technologies are used to measure a vehicle’s speed. Some of the most common ways to determine the charge are via the following devices:

Lasers: a laser is pointed at the target vehicle, & the time/distance is measured. Leasers may identify specific automobiles in congested traffic.

Speed Cameras: in New York, a speed radar camera is used to trigger a camera to picture vehicles that exceed a predetermined speed. This type of equipment also records the exact time, speed & position.

Radar Guns: these possess electromagnetic signals to determine the speed of a vehicle. An officer using the radar instrument must ensure that it is not picking up items in the targeted zone, which could cause interference.

Clock & Pace Method: an officer drives his vehicle behind another, maintaining a consistent pace between the two vehicles for a set period of time while measuring overall speed using the speedometer.

Aerial Speed Devices: police in New York use aircraft to measure vehicle speeds by timing how long it takes the target to go between two specified locations. They then signal to ground officers, who give the speeding ticket.

How Many Points Does a Buffalo, NY Speeding Ticket Carry?

1 to 10mph over the limit equals 3 points

11 to 10mph = 4 points

21 to 30mph = 6 points

31 to 40mph = 8 points

41 to more mph = 11 points

Driver responsibility assessment fee (DRA): if you obtain 6 or more points for offenses committed during an 18-month period, you will be liable to an extra fine known as the Driver Responsibility Assessment fee (DRA). When you get 6 points, you’ll be punished $300. Each point beyond the 6-point mark will result in an extra $75 charge. This penalty is paid to the DMV separately & in addition to any court fees associated with your violation. At 11 points, the NY DMV will suspend your NY license or driving privileges if you are living outside of the state. Any points accrued for breaches committed within an 18-month period contribute towards suspension. If you hold a CDL a junior license, the sanctions can be significantly harsher.

Should I Fight My Speeding Ticket?

Usually, pleading guilty to the charge is not a good decision. Instead, you can plead & fight the ticket! Police officers & prosecutors want you to plead guilty to speeding charges because it makes their jobs easier. Pleading guilty waives your right to a trial & requires you to pay penalties, receive points on your license, & pay higher insurance rates.

Hiring An Attorney to Fight a Buffalo, New York Speeding Ticket

A speeding citation can result in fines & extras totaling hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Furthermore, insurance companies are likely to hike the insurance prices of drivers convicted of speeding. As a result, employing a Speeding Ticket lawyer to lessen or remove the ticket will usually save you money.  For the vast majority of traffic violations in New York State, an attorney can reduce a speeding ticket to a non-moving violation, such as a parking penalty, or a lesser point punishment, such as failing to obey a traffic control device. Such reductions can reduce or eliminate the impact on a driver’s record & vehicle insurance costs.

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