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Possible Complications of Dog Bite & Professional Consultation

Possible Complications of Dog Bite & Professional Consultation

Dog bites occur too frequently across the nation and the numbers are alarming. Normally, not all are fatal but one should get first aid and professional consultation for post exposure prophylaxis. The stats show that children bite from a dog are frequent than adult. A rabies infection is a condition that can be fatal; as such, going to a doctor, or the nearest animal bite clinic, after a bite, is a prerequisite. Some of the problems that may give rise to dog bite infections or other serious issues are as follows:

  • Disfigurement: The bite from a dog having a Fido-like name can lead to grave tissue damage. The broken bones or tissue infections it could give might lead to it was a very painful attack and even, incurable scarring. The less frequently, we do however see local reports from around the country about the dog aggressiveness towards the little children which have caused some Childs to have their limbs bitten off. Led injuries of the face produced by dog bites and scratches with scarring that may last a lifetime.
  • Rabies: Rabies is one of the diseases associated with inflammation of the brain. It comes with terrible symptoms. This illness is manifested in both hot- and cold-blooded animals. In most cases of street dogs, owners vaccinate them against rabies, however, if you get bitten by street dogs that generally have lower chances of being vaccinated, it is essential that you should receive medical help immediately. The consequences of rabies infection are almost fatal.
  • Sepsis: This is a rare but catastrophic situation, which happens as a result of a dog bite injury; it is called blood poisoning as well. It may be caused by the inflammation of the affected part that may turn out to be either life-threatening and has chances of leading to serious complications. These symptoms include high fever and a rapid heartbeat, sometimes with low blood pressure. Despite the degree of success of treatment with antibiotics in mild cases, the condition may reach a critical point when the infection has spread therefore.
  • Meningitis: Among the most common symptom of our condition is an inflammation of the membranous sac that surrounds the spinal cord and the brain. Because of this situation meningitis may turn to be fatal especially when those parts are located in the neighborhood with the principal body structures. The potential meningitis patient can acquire the bacteria or virus that is present in the dog’s saliva in whatever nature they can be, during the bite.

Treatments for human bite may vary depending on the type of the dog bite. After the exposure, doctors may suggest the following methods:

  • Treatment of human wound infected by the animal tooth needs Proper care of the wound and need of antibiotics.
  • Another indispensable weapon in the battle against rabies besides active immunization is Rabies vaccine- the passive immunization using Rabies Immunoglobulin (RIG).
  • Active immunization of the Anti-rabies VACCINE (VACCINE RABIES) will achieve the target.

Last Thoughts

If ever you were bitten or scratched by an animal, go see a doctor. Immediate post-exposure prophylaxis for rabies is most effective when done within the shortest time possible after the exposure happened. Facts shall be illustrated and also given out to your beloved to educate the people around you about this life-endangering disease. And to get the compensation of your worst incident from the third party you need to make a consult with a professional Dog bite lawyer immediately.

Justin William, Esq.

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