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Train & Railroad Accidents In New York

Train & Railroad Accidents In New York

From the more than 250 000 intersections, 14 thousand miles railway is made in the US. The highways and transport roads witness constant severe mishaps and deaths. Whether it’s Manhattan or the Bronx, there is seldom a good outcome when a car and a train collide, with injuries and worse often the grim result. Victims, their families and medical assistance providers all can experience a range of emotions including shock and heightened medical billing in the aftermath of an accident.

Freight railways have nearly 14,000 miles of running track and almost 250,000 railroad crossings in the United States. One of the bad indicators that produce an innumerable number of severe and bad accidents are the railway tracks. Train and traffic collisions in New York City usually result in surviving with life-changing injuries or even death. Victims (or their families) who have experienced trauma (may go through shocked moments; they might also rack up medical bills in the aftermath of such incident.

Frequency Of Railroad Accidents

As reported by the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Railroad Administration, there are approximately 2,100 daily railroads and vehicles crashes that occur at railroad crossings. This is a reminder that there are at least 5 to 6 accidents taking place in the United States every day.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a report that 50% of railroad crossing accidents happen near the 5 miles of the driver’s residence. About 65% of all the events take place in an area of 40 kilometers. Railroad disasters are usually far more fatal than bus highway accidents. Despite being small in size, the chances of mortality in these small vehicles are 20 times higher than that of civic cars.

New York Train Accidents

Numerous personal and physical factors that compound these legal cases to be very tricky. Collision victims who incur into a car accident range from vehicle occupants, their passengers, and even pedestrians and others.

Common types of incidents resulting in bodily harm include the following:

  • Multiple trains colliding
  • Buffer stock accidents
  • Train derailment
  • Railroad crossings auto-train collision

It is a grim reality that someone who falls or trips on a track is most likely going to die. Illnesses or infections manifesting as a result of unhealthy circumstances in train journey are also possible.

Load mishaps from equipment with no safety measures in place.

Rolling Stock Failures

Train traffic incidents, unlike very small car scratch or collision, because of their speed, emergent size, and some of the cargo’s styles are more likely to cause massive casualties and great damage. When train operators are liable for injuries, the physical and emotional impact on the victims can be substantial. The operator of the train and the subway, as well as their corporate entities too, would have some kind of professional obligations in New York, as it must ensure the safety of the passengers, that makes them reach their destinations in a safe and secure way. Depending on the case scenario, an individual or his/her company may be held criminally liable for recklessness; in case the ferry operator fails to deliver passengers safely, injured passenger motor vehicle occupants or pedestrians.

Attorneys, in particular, would need to grasp in detail the federal transportation law regulated under Title 49 of the United States Code to be successful in these litigations. On top of that, they need to know the different regulatory agencies that every business needs to be involved in. Additionally, most railroad workers’ accidents will be undertaken under the FELA (Federal Employers Liability Act), whereas subways and mass transit are government-managed and fall under the Federal Transit Administration.

In NYC Subway Accident Causality, The Parties Responsible Are Not Always Easy to Spot, Nor Can Liability Be Easily Determined

The New York Subway Transit Authority deliberately carries out the process of care and maintenance of the thousands of miles of the subway tracks located in the city. The skippers being responsible for any accidents that take place on the journey has been the general practice. The agency may be prosecuted if it did not do its work in order to make the daytime commuters to safe and secure area to travel.

It is also likely that both the claimant and the defendant could be blamed if a dispute proceeds with several parties. In order to gain a personal injury attorney with a dedication to your case, you should do that in the very first days of the whole process. It is also possible that multiple parties are responsible even if there are cases in which you concluded that the Transit Authority is singularly at-fault. We have railroad accident attorneys in NYC to help victims and their families to recover compensation and sue the railroad for negligent behavior when an accident is the result of the railroad’s negligence.

Performing regular maintenance and working at the trains system is the responsibility of all entities and these key roles must be executed properly as it will affect a lot of people using the train system in New York City. It occurs that innocent suffer, and pay for the misdeeds of those responsible when parties in government fail to conduct their operations.

Last Thoughts

Train accident injury attorneys at the US Legal Law Firm affirm that only by tough fight in the courts can the victim families who have gone through the disaster of train accidents be protected when they desperately need such help. We have been helping victims of train accidents in our lawyer practice for several years. Feel free to reach us for a free evaluation of your case without any risks if you & your beloved one get involved in any of the unfortunate train accidents. We are very proud of our capacity to obtain damages for accidents on train that are the highest in town. We are always ready to help you. Call us right now to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers now!

Justin William, Esq.

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