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Tripped Up by Uneven Floors? Here’s How to Claim Compensation!

Tripped Up by Uneven Floors? Here's How to Claim Compensation!

Uneven floors seem like the most minor inconvenience out there, they can be anywhere such as streets, malls, restaurants and even our homes, but imagine being seriously hurt by such a minor inconvenience. If you’ve been hurt due to an uneven floor then you can be entitled to compensation for your damage, you just need to keep in mind some major steps.

The Importance of Evidence

The crucial step to take after an accident is to seek medical attention to make sure that you or anyone else who’s hurt in an accident is physically fit. After you’ve done that the next important step is to gather the evidence, as evidence plays the most important part in any claim, you can be proven innocent only if you have enough evidence to prove it. The evidence will prove that the uneven floor was the reason you fell and that the other party was negligent in maintaining a safe environment. You need to gather:

  1. Photos: Try to take photos of everything, the location, the uneven floor and the injury, as it can be used as evidence later.
  2. Medical Report: Get yourself checked by a medical professional and keep the documentation as they can also play a vital role in claim.
  3. Report: Report the incident to the higher authority such as the owner of the place and keep record of your communication with him such as the emails etc.
  4. Witness Statement: Witness statements are also very important, if someone saw the incident make sure to get their contact information and their statement.

Determining Liability

Liability in a slip and fall case involving an uneven floor hinge on the concept of “premises liability.”

Here’s how to determine who can be possibly responsible for it

  1. Public Property: If you fell on the street or something that is owned by the government then the city, or state agency might be responsible for maintaining safety.
  2. Private Property: If you get injured on private property then the property owner or someone who’s managing the property will be held responsible for your injury.
  3. Business Property: If you were injured on business property then the owner or manager of the property can be held liable.

Seeking Legal Help

Seeking Legal Help is the most important part of any claim, the legal landscape is so complex, and one cannot fight legal battles alone, you’ll always need a legal professional to deal with it. You need to get assistance from a skilled personal injury lawyer to win your claim and get the compensation you deserve.

The Claim Process

There are two main ways to pursue compensation for an uneven floor injury:

1.Negotiating with Insurance: Most property owners have liability insurance. You can file a claim with the responsible party’s insurance company. Be prepared to negotiate.

2.Filing a Lawsuit: If negotiations with the insurance company are unsuccessful, you might need to file a lawsuit in civil court. This process is more complex and typically involves hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you.

Uneven floor can be a dangerous hazard, if you were inured by uneven floor then you might be responsible for compensation. By understanding the steps and hiring a good legal professional you can deal with it and receive the compensation you deserve.

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Justin William, Esq.

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